Rental / With Chocoteam-Service

We offer first class customer service, which is available all week long. We also offer a price that you’ll struggle to beat. If you’re offered a better price for any chocolate fountain rental then talk to us and we’ll see if we can’t improve on the deal.

Our mission when hiring a chocolate fountain with our professional staff
is to provide a memorable, stress free and delightful experience for you
and your guests.

 Complete Service:

The service package most wanted by our customers!

Do you want a stress free event without any complications, where you can just lay back and have it all done for you? If that is the case, then we strongly recommend our professional Schokofontänen Zentrale fulltime service. We´ve got professional staff which is well trained and knows all about the chocolate fountains. They are reliable and hard working. They will answer your questions about the chocolate fountains and assist your guests at the fountain. They keep the fountain area nice and clean and are helpful and friendly to all your guests .

Complete service includes the folowing:


  • -Setting up of the fountain(s)
  • -5 kg or 10 kg finest, belgian or french chocolate(if needed you can order more chocolate)
  • -Taking care of your guests by our professional staff
  • -Keeping the fountain area clean
  • -Napkins + Wooden sticks
  • -Table decoration(if desired)
  • -Dismantling of the fountain and cleaning

Complete Service is available for the following fountain types:

Schokoladenbrunnen mit Service

Fountain Medium, Height: 69 cm, Ø 28 cm.
incl. 5 kg finest, belgian Callebaut couverture
Special price only 365,75 €

Fountain Tall, Height: 89 cm, Ø 41 cm.
incl. 10 kg finest, belgian Callebaut couverture.
Special price only 449,50 €

Fountain Giant, Height: 102 cm, Ø 41 cm.
including 10 kg finest, belgian Callebaut couverture
Special price only 470,50 €

 All prices are including VAT.

* Delivery free of charge within a driving distance of 35 km.
** Running time of the fountain up to 2,5 hours; each additional
1/2 hour costs 23,50 €
*** if you want to hire a fountain for several days or else if you want to hire several fountains for one event please contact us, we are surely able to give you special prices.


And what is with Tutti Frutti?

Would you like to get tipps and inspirations about the fruit ans sweets we recommend for the chocolate fountain fondue?

Please click on Unsere Empfehlung. You will get a variety of different fruits and sweets which go very well with chocolate and which are simply deeeeeelicious with warm and flowing chocolate .

If you like you can of course order the fruit and sweets also from us. For each service package(except the service package: Flying Fountain) we offer our own Früchte-Service-service. We prepare the fruit fresh and in a decorative way, which enables you to save time and work.



Hot Chocolate Dispenser

Only 375 €

Save 114 €!